Quality management, food safety, HACCP, quality systems, related legislation and regulations: this is the game that we play well. Quality and efficiency go always hand in hand, so let us help you on your path so that you can focus on other things.

Because Qualita was born out of true passion for quality and doing things right. We are professional, we have guts and we have strong values:

Integrity. Always keep your promises and do the right thing.

Respect. How you treat others is the measure of your worth.

Courage to be yourself and to do things differently as needed.

Humor does not exclude professionalism, really.

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Qualita operates in Finland.

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In-house control measures & HACCP

In-house control programs from start or developing further from existing ones. Specialty: control of food contaminants like acrylamide.

HACCP risk assessments, handling exceptions & out of spec situations, assisting in withdrawals and in handling customer feedback, development of quality control activities, KPI’s or documentation activities…. or anything you might need.


Quality Systems, food & feed safety

Let’s build you some credibility! Certified quality system is a sign to your customers that you are a reliable and responsible partner.

ISO 22000, FSSC 22000, McD SQMS, GMP+ FSA, ISO 9001.

Gap-analyses, execution as needed.


Greenfield projects

When planning and starting a new production facility, there are several things needed to be taken into account: you need to know which regulations are applied, which permits are needed and so on. In EU and in Finland in particular, environmental and health & safety and hygiene regulations are strict.

Also if a QC laboratory is needed, it very often requires special things regarding e.g. ventilation and water supplies. Mrs Q has been involved in this kind of projects and will be happy to help!



Regulations can be difficult and there is a lot you need to be aware of. Let me handle the regulatory tasks and you can focus on your core business.


Trainings for your staff

Trainings about quality assurance, quality systems, hygiene, HACCP, food legislation, chemical safety, ATEX… you name it. Live or web packages as needed.


Outsource a quality specialist

Meet the Black Horse, your new and winning alternative to a heavy recruiting project! Short term or long term need, this option is light, fast and cost effective. Experienced specialist as long as you need, without risks.

Quality system building & maintenance, other projects like QA development & Lean ( kanban, 5S, DMAIC... ) or for any quality management routines you want to give someone reliable, but can’t or don’t want to recruit.


Experience(d) Mrs Q

My name is Pirita Kaunisto and I am a quality management and food safety professional with 15 years of relevant work experience. I have worked in startups and Greenfield projects as well as in more traditional enterprises and learned a thing or two. Majority of that has been spent in food & feed industry, but given also experience from environment, health and safety and even in vitro diagnostics.

Greenfield projects with an empty desk and computer have been an excellent chance to find the true potential of my natural strenghts, requiring independence, guts, courage and proactiveness. In big corporates, all that was further refined by discipline, reporting and data analysis skills and LEAN methodology. More importantly, this wide experience has lead to understanding the richness of diversity and taught me to respect all kinds of coworkers with all their different strenghts.

At my freetime I am, besides being a mother of two kids, an enthusiastic gardener and a bookworm. I also love to travel and am an active member in the Mothers in Business (MiB) association.


  • Master of Science (chemistry), 2003. Then chose a slightly unlikely path for a traditional chemist, and took a job in the food industry and that pretty much nailed it. However, my education might explain my enthusiasm for measuring and analyzing everything, leaving me incapable of accepting false but good looking results and always seeking after the truth.

  • Food technology basic studies 2010 - 2011

  • Certified by the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) regarding the wide scale industrial use of dangerous chemicals.

Work history

  • Quality Manager in food & feed industry, total 12 y

  • Quality Specialist, biotech and IVD: 3 y

  • Two Greenfield -projects, where I have been responsible for building all quality control activities and quality and EHS systems

  • Regulations and permits of a new production facility (food, feed, environment, chemicals)

  • Self control (food), HACCP, food contaminants, e.g. formation & control of acrylamide

  • LEAN projects in production

  • Training staff about quality, hygiene, safety, ATEX etc.

  • Familiar systems: ISO 22000, FSSC 22000, McDonald’s SQMS, GMP+, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485

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